What is Brate?

Brate (pronounced 'br-8') is the most extensive online travel guide to Europe with an interactive map. We have visited and described 1650 places in 67 countries. Brate is to travel, what IMDB is to movies. On Brate, you will find reviews and recommendations from travelers, discover where and what to eat, what is a must-see, and what is not worth your time.
We reached out to local residents as well as fellow travelers and asked for their recommendations. Thanks to Brate, you'll discover true hidden gems that guidebooks don't mention. Since 2019, almost 5 million users have visited us.
  • 24000+ reviews
  • 7800+ created accounts
  • 1.7M unique users every year
  • 300K unique users monthly
  • 67 described countries
  • 1650 described places
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