Travelbay is a group of 8 travelers from Poland, Bulgaria, Peru, Sweden, and Belarus. We do not have an office. We are a fully remote company.

Tomek Nowak

CEO, founder, and Project Manager. Beyond a passion for traveling, Tomek loves Web 3.0. He has worked for the Ethereum Foundation,, Japan Rail Pass, and Harvard Medical School. Favorite places: Sydney, Annecy, Samana on the Dominican Republic.

Ola Zagórska-Chabros

A great fan of the Balkans, the author of the blog "Bałkany Rudej" ("The Balkans in Red"). Once destined to be a 'lady psychologist,' she turned into a copywriter, freelancer, and author of Guides to the Balkan Peninsula published in 2016 in collaboration with Pascal Publishing House. Her favorite place: Lake Ohrid.

Aleksander Atanasov

Developer who helped develop the site's code. Expert in databases, scrapers and creative solutions. He lives in Bulgaria. Favorite spot: Hawaii.

Anna Kulykova

Belarusian woman who lives in Poland. She helped create content regarding Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Favorite place: Baikal, Lviv, Berlin.

Agnieszka Bąk

Copywriter who replaced sitting in the lab with exploring the world. She despises routine and monotony, and is busily engaged in photography, martial arts and metacognition. Favorite place: The Hague, Azores.

Karolina Magiera

A traveler who travels the world with a notebook in hand to discover its beauty and share it with others. Copywriter and journalist, she specializes in texts for the tourism, gastronomy and cultural industries. She has worked with, among others, the Agora media group, Ringer Axel Springer and the KUKBUK publishing house. What matters to her in travel are unique experiences, which is why she is passionate about event and culinary tourism.
Favorite places are: London, Iceland, Petra, and Bangkok.

Katarzyna Zalewska

A Gdansker who has been living near Stockholm for 5 years. She has helped write texts related to Scandinavia. Favorite place: Abisko, Lofoten, Alberta, Canada.

Maria Gonzalez Ciunci

A Peruvian who has helped with content related to Peru, Argentina, Chile and Spain. She currently lives in Valencia, although she plans to move to Switzerland. Favorite place: Huascaran, Sierra Nevada and Austin, Texas.

Marek Zaborowski

He has lived in France, a suburb of Lille, for several years. He has helped create content related to France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Favorite place: the Alps, Toulouse, Antwerp.

Stan Trenev

Web 3 developer who specializes in smart contracts and tokenomics. Favorite place: Mallorca.
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